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Formative Research

USAID/PHSP Abt Associates Inc., Ethiopia; Formative research on tuberculosis (TB) and family planning (FP) services (October 2011-December 2011):

The purpose of this formative research was to assess attitudes and perceptions that influence individuals to seek or not to seek TB and FP services, specifically in the private sector. The findings of the study were used to develop effective Behavior Change Communication materials related to Tuberculosis and Family Planning service expansion in Ethiopia.

ABH Consultancy

ABH’s consultancy portfolio includes evaluations (baseline, mid-term and end-line evaluations), surveys, capacity assessments, third party monitoring, designs and project and program implementations, guidelines and manual developments, MERL plans and framework preparation. In addition to its in-house experts, ABH engages local and international experts, as required, to deliver client centered, informative, relevant quality products efficiently and on time.

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