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Core Consultancy Services

Research, Surveys and evaluations

We design different studies, surveys, and evaluations – Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods Studies/ Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Studies / Cross-Sectional and Cohort studies

  • We develop research tools, pretest and translate into local languages
  • We recruit, train, deploy, and supervise field data collectors
  • We store and organize data, conduct primary and secondary quantitative and qualitative data analysis using software, and interpret and write report
  • We prepare policy and advocacy briefs, documentation, and dissemination of Best Practices, Lessons Learned. We organize and manage dissemination workshops and events.

Capacity Assessments

Using national and international standards and tools, we conduct Health Service and Health Facility Capacity Assessments, Organizational Capacity Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Assessments, etc

Third- Party Monitoring of projects and programs

We design and monitor Processes, Compliance, Quality, Context, Beneficiary, Financial, Organizational, and Results using different tools and deploying various experts in fields as per the scope of work desired by the client.

Project Management and Implementation

We implement national, regional health and local, social and economic development projects and manage finances and human resource.

Development of guidelines and manuals

We develop and contextualize guidelines and manuals by integrating accepted and tested local knowledge with international standard and practice for use at national, regional and local level in various technical areas, that include health, education, nutrition, social and behavioral sciences, gender and economic and development fields.

ABH Consultancy

ABH’s consultancy portfolio includes evaluations (baseline, mid-term and end-line evaluations), surveys, capacity assessments, third party monitoring, designs and project and program implementations, guidelines and manual developments, MERL plans and framework preparation. In addition to its in-house experts, ABH engages local and international experts, as required, to deliver client centered, informative, relevant quality products efficiently and on time.

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