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Mr. Sunil Verma
Director- Business Development

Sunil Verma (Mr.) has over 30 years of experience in the design execution, monitoring and assessment of development programmes and projects in India, Libya, Ethiopia, Syria, Zambia Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Djibouti, Rwanda, Tajikistan, Singapore, U.A.E. etc. Previously, he was the Country Director, IPE Global Limited, a Management Consultancy Multinational based in Ethiopia for five years when he was responsible for the operations on social development in entire Africa.

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In Ethiopia, Sunil has been instrumental in conceptualisation, execution and management of over 40 projects in the last seven years, in varied fields in social and economic growth and development, infrastructure development for a diverse clientele. He has previously worked with UNICEF in India, South Sudan, and Tajikistan for over 13 years, where he was spearheading a multi-level program-wide approach - providing technical leadership, oversight, and building capacity of government and non-government partners in designing and execution of effective health and development strategies. Sunil is trained in multiple disciplines and has a Master's degrees in Sociology and a Masters in International Development. Sunil is skilled in multi-stakeholder program management and coordination from onsite and offsite locations. He has excellent report writing skills and is fluent in the English language.   




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