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Collaboration between AHRI and ABH.

ABH team represented by Dr. Amare Deribew, Dr. Tadele Bogale and Mr. Getachew Bishaw had a fruitful meeting with the team of AHRI led by Dr. Alemseged Abdissa (deputy Director General). Dr. Alemseged presented AHRI's comprehensive research work in vaccine development,  TB, HIV, malaria, Leprosy, Leishmaniasis, pneumonia, NCD and others. AHRI also provides online CPD courses.  AHRI has more than 600 staff (48% female) with an annual budget of more than $8 million USD. More than 60% of the budget is supported by the government of Ethiopia. Dr. Amare Deribew has presented the works of ABH over the last 17 years in Research, Project management, Postgraduate education, CPD, HR management and pharmaceuticals. 

The participants have identified the following areas of collaboration between AHRI and ABH.

  •  Joint research proposal development to mobilize funding 
  • Online CPD course development and implementation 
  •  Establish private sector research ethics committee at ABH 
  • Grant/fund management 

  Further discussion will continue between the two institutions to implement the above areas of collaboration.


ABH focuses on knowledge generation, evaluation, and dissemination as the enabler and cross-cutting theme across its five core Business Divisions in diverse Consultancy, Human Resources Management (HRM), Pharma and Scientific Supply, and Academy practices.

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