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Prof. Yigzaw Kebede
Research Director

Prof. Yigzaw has 29 years of experience in public health, maternal, newborn, and child health both as a medical practitioner and as a Research Expert. He is an expert in research design, implementation, analysis, and report writing.

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Prof. Yigzaw is abreast with the latest development in the field of MNCH related M&E. He was the Team Leader of UNICEF/KOICA supported projects to conduct ‘Baseline Survey and Establish Benchmarks for Project Evaluation for UNICEF-KOICA MNCH project’; and ‘Endline Evaluation of FMoH/UNICEF/KOICA Project’ in Ethiopia. He has developed various policy documents related to similar issues, formerly. Prof. Yigzaw has to his credit at least 60 research articles in the realms of maternal, newborn, and child health in Ethiopia. He was also the Coordinator of Dabat Research Center and Editor-in-Chief of The Ethiopian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences. Prof. Yigzaw has received awards from the University of Gondar in 2010 and the Ethiopian Public Health Association in 2017, in recognition of his outstanding performance in the category of Senior Public Health Service. He has rich experience in quantitative and qualitative research.




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