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Mr. Getaneh Abera
Human Resources and Contract Manager

Getaneh Abera has M.A. in HR and Organizational Development, M.A. in Educational Research and Development with over 15 years of demonstrated experience

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He has a comprehensive understanding of Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Knowledge Management, Change Management, Education, Research, and Consultancy. He has been intensively working in every step of the employees’ life cycle. He is well experienced in organizational need assessment, policy development, implementation, capacity building, and training. He has demonstrated experience of design and implementation of quantitative and qualitative assessments and studies. He is well experienced in coordinating research, report writing, and presentation. He has experience in education and training different private companies where he has been working as a consultant.


ABH focuses on knowledge generation, evaluation, and dissemination as the enabler and cross-cutting theme across its five core Business Divisions in diverse Consultancy, Human Resources Management (HRM), Pharma and Scientific Supply, and Academy practices.

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We are expert in Generating, Managing & Exchanging Knowledge, Information and Data.