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Mr. Eyob Kifle
Administration Director

Mr.Eyob has over 20 years’ experience in leading finance and administration, human resources management, operations and logistics of various government and donor funded projects in Ethiopia, Syria, and Libya. He has a comprehensive experience of overall financial management, including budgeting and monitoring of project expenditures; financial reporting and auditing; forecasting expenditures; maintaining and supervising project accounts, books of accounts, banking and financial operations.

 Mr. Eyob has earlier extensively led human resources management including screening, advertisement, recruitment, training and orientation, duty of care, payroll management, benefits and compensation management of staff, and consultants for multiple programmes related to Health, Nutrition, and WASH, Social Development, Education, etc. for clients like UNICEF, UNDP, the World Bank, WFP, WHO, USAID, EU, KOICA, and others.

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Phone : +251-11-6-186520

Mr. Eyob is presently supervising finance and operations of projects like ‘Long Term Agreement for Provision of Human Resources Management in Ethiopia (UNICEF); Evaluation of the European Union Emergency Trust Fund Resilience Building Programme for Vulnerable Children in Libya (UNICEF); Ethiopia Communications Authority Capacity Building (The World Bank); Evaluation of the Infant and Young Child Feeding Programme in Syria (UNICEF); Communication and Technical Assistance Programme (Jobs Creation Commission); Technical and Communication Assistance Long Term Agreement (WFP), etc.

Mr. Eyob has excellent leadership and management skills.Stumbles is a partner at Financial solutions based in the Sydney office. He is the head of the Asia-Pacific Financial Services practice and is also a leader in the Global Performance Improvement practice.



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