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Mr. Beakal Zinab
Senior Research Assistant

Mr. Beakal Zinab serves as a research consultant at ABH Partners Plc. He is an Assistant Professor of Human Nutrition and a Ph.D. fellow at the University of Copenhagen/Jimma University. He received his BSc and MSc degrees from Jimma University.  Mr. Beakal has published about 15 research works in different reputable journals. He has amassed a great deal of experience in the design, analysis, and report writing of both quantitative and qualitative research. In addition to having a broad understanding of global public health and nutrition policies in general, Mr. Beakal is well-versed in Ethiopian health and nutrition policies. 

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ABH Consultancy

ABH’s consultancy portfolio includes evaluations (baseline, mid-term and end-line evaluations), surveys, capacity assessments, third party monitoring, designs and project and program implementations, guidelines and manual developments, MERL plans and framework preparation. In addition to its in-house experts, ABH engages local and international experts, as required, to deliver client centered, informative, relevant quality products efficiently and on time.

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