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HRM of Regional and Zonal level Immunization

UNICEF (HRM), Ethiopia; Human Resources Management of Regional and Zonal level Immunization Technical Assistants (2020- Ongoing):

The impact of the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 on immunization service delivery in Ethiopia is of significant concern for the MoH as well as partners. Although the MoH has released operational guidance for maintaining immunization services during the COVID-19 pandemic, immunization services in some health facilities were disrupted due to multiple factors related to the engagement of health facilities and health extension workers in the COVID-19 response, and reduced demand due to social distancing advisories. The Technical Assistants provided technical support to the designated level (ZHD/RHB) and below to support COVID-19 response, improve immunization coverage through close monitoring. ABH has recruited and deployed these consultants under its HRM LTA with UNICEF..

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