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ABH key competencies include Consulting, Human Resource Management, Grant and Fund Management, Pharmaceuticals and Scientific Supplies, Capacity Building and Projects implementation. We draw on the extensive operational research experience, coupled with our wide ranging work in Ethiopia, Libya, Syria, etc. as well as long-standing expertise in multi-sectoral coordination and in building long-term partnerships with south and north-based organisations. Our research team supports our clients in validating the evidence of outcomes achieved from the resources invested in various sectoral programmes. The team looks beyond the results reported to gauge the degree of attainment of higher-level objectives through the confluence of improvements at the partnership level.

Consultancy services has been a core service offering of ABH since its foundation. ABH’s core team and its networks of consultants’ knowledge of the local landscape as well a rich experience in the area of monitoring and evaluation, program implementation, rolling out national trainings, development of training and IEC/BCC materials, etc., makes it an ideal source of technical expertise for national and international development partners supporting the Ethiopian government in health and social fields. ABH provides innovative, pragmatic, effective solutions by generating and applying evidence leading to understanding what works, where and why. ABH engages in preparing policy documents, technical reports, guidelines, training packages and client support tools, materials in health and social science fields as well as HR and procurement support. ABH Consultancy portfolio includes: Technical Assistance Program Design and Implementation.

Our Geographical Presence


ABH’s consultancy services consists of:
  • Programme design and implementation in sectors of Health, Nutrition and WASH, Education and Skill Development, Livelihood and Resilience, Food Security and Agriculture, Social Protection and Social Development, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Economic and Public Finance Management, etc.
  • Risk Management, Capacity Strengthening and Human Resources, Financial Management, and Logistics and Procurement.
  • Monitoring - Process, Compliance, Context, Beneficiary, Financial, Organizational and Results Monitoring. Evaluation – Formative, Process, Summative, etc. Evaluation. Learning - Documentation of Lessons Learned, Best Practices, and Knowledge Management.
  • Capacity Building- Institutional, Human and Financial Resources, Research and Implementation Training, Capacity Needs Assessment, Capacity Development Programming, etc.
ABH’s Human Resources Management services consists of:
  • Application Management- Screening, Advertisement, Shortlisting, etc.
  • Employee Management- Capacity Assessment, Capacity Building, Performance Monitoring, etc.
  • Organizational Management-Orientation, Change Management, etc.
  • Benefit Management-Insurance, Reimbursements, etc.
  • Payroll Management- Salaries, Bonus, Perks, etc.
  • Workplace Management- Safeguarding, Duty of Care, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place, Grievance Redressal, etc.
  • Performance Management- KRA Management, Performance Appraisals, Promotions, etc.
  • Compensation Management- Short-term incentives or bonuses, Long-term incentive plans (LTIPs), paid expenses, etc.
ABH’s Pharma and Scientific Supply, consists of:
  • Supply Chain Management and Service Delivery
  • Pharmaceutical Financing, and Distribution
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Pharmaceutical and Health
ABH’s Academy, consists of:
  • An accredited Continuing Professional Development institution, ABH is providing trainings in realms of health and social development
  • Rich experience in delivery of Masters and Bachelors level education programs (MPH, Human Nutrition, Health Monitoring & Evaluation, MBA, Project Management and Finance, Development Economics) and Doctor of Medicine degree in Addis Ababa.


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Our Office

Our Office

Our Office Centrally located at Bole Road, 2 kilometres away from the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), ABH’s head office is in a seven-floor building with 1,600 square meters space. The building houses well equipped offices, a resource center (library), computer labs and nine training halls with a capacity to accommodate over 600 trainees.


ABH focuses on knowledge generation, evaluation, and dissemination as the enabler and cross-cutting theme across its five core Business Divisions in diverse Consultancy, Human Resources Management (HRM), Pharma and Scientific Supply, and Academy practices.

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