Total healthcare Solution

Providing high-quality healthcare and service Solutions- At ABH, We intend to equip every healthcare provider with our sophisticated products, technology, and solutions. Together with our partners, We aim to reach and assist healthcare institutions with our healthcare and service Solution.


  • Operating room Solutions


    As part of an ongoing journey to establish and maintain the global medical standard, ABH Delivers the best and newest technology and Products to the OR sector to counter the diverse complexity. Our products provide highly specialized individualized care; offering product in several fields such as orthopedics, spine, trauma, neurosurgery, Intraoperative imaging, integrated Operating room solutions, ENT and others.

  • Radiology & Imaging Solutions


    ABH Offers a full range of Diagnostic imaging Solutions that facilitate high-resolution imaging across different Specialties in the healthcare industry. We share exclusive partnerships with market leaders and standard bearers such as:
    Digital Radiography Mobile DR Flouroscopy C-ARM Mammography Ultrasound Computed Tomography Magnetic Resonance Molecular Imaging PACS

  • LaboratorySolutions


    ABH has an extensive range of laboratory products and services that are designed to enhance diagnostic capabilities. Over the years we have provided the highest quality products and maintained several customized and effective solutions across leading private and governmental hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies Product portfolios.



  • Patient monitoring & critical care solutions


    Through Our partnership with industry leading suppliers, ABH offers state-of the art, personalized, end-to end patients monitoring and critical care solutions. The monitoring system enables the specialists to track patient’s health throughout serial of data collected. 






  • Sterilization & infection control Solutions


    We offer complete solution FOR CSSD that include department consultation, design, equipment’s supply, quality assured consumables, sterilization packaging material, waste management solutions and the most advanced instrument traceability solution. The autoclave series are designed to cover a large field of Applications for hospitals, CSSD and medical centers.



ProductsWe offer a complete chain of services from concept through planning, design, construction, installation, maintenance, and technical service support.

Chemistry & Immunoassay integrated System
Urinalysis Products
Automated HPLC Analyzer
Portable Ultrasound
Operating table
Neonatal Incubator
EMG Machine
Chemistry Reagents
Electrolyte machine
Table top autoclave machine