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ABH Pharma Healthcare Solutions

Takes great pride to give you an experienced cost-effective resource to establish your healthcare center worldwide.


More than 12 years of experience in the different business sectors in Ethiopia has laid a foundation for the birth of ABH Pharma and scientific supply division The pharmaceutical and scientific supply division of ABH Partners PLC currently collaborates with numerous private and public hospitals, international and local NGOs, and other health sectors in Ethiopia by supplying high-quality clinical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, pharmaceuticals, and scientific supplies. For the delivery of high-quality laboratory, ICU, OR, neurology, nephrology, imaging medical equipment, medicines, hospital furnishings, surgical supplies, etc. from around the world, our organization collaborates with several well-known manufacturers in the world.

We aim to be the partner-of-choice for best-in-class healthcare innovative solutions providers in the East Africa.

To provide superior quality cost-effective services & solutions to the healthcare community, contribute to transforming care delivery, and improve partners’ experience through innovative & digitalized concepts to be executed by passionate employees who strive to support customers and are proud of working for us.ABH will ensure the growth, profitability, continuity, and satisfaction of all its stakeholders.

ABH aims to deliver high-quality, client-centered, and efficient technical and management services and contribute towards solving major health and social problems of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. To that end, ABH works closely with the Government of Ethiopia, International and National Development Partners, Universities, the Private Sector, etc

What We Provide

Providing high-quality healthcare and service Solutions- At ABH, We intend to equip every healthcare provider with our sophisticated products, technology, and solutions. Together with our partners, We aim to reach and assist healthcare institutions with our healthcare and service Solution.




Meet Our TeamDedicated to out commitment

Mr. Tesfaye Koji
Division Director
Maereg Kibru
Technical Manager
Ms. Lydia Dulla
Sales & Marketing Team Leader
Alemayehu Legesse
Technical Manager


  • Dr Fasil Tefera - https://washhealthcare.com -

    With your unreserved technical support during the supply & installation,you have demonstrated your commitment to successful functionality of the equipment.Your support has played a key role in successfully giving a good healthcare to different patients visiting our center.

  • Dr Dagim Assefa - https://musegeneralhospital.com -

    ABH Pharma and Scientific Supply Division delivers something really valuable. The company supplies quality medical products and has an excellent timely customer service. It’s a pleasure to have business with you.