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Innovation: Stimulate and encourage new and progressive ideas to solve problems.

Flexibility: Commit to tasks that lead to common goals and readiness to rectify direction in order to meet the needs and objectives of our clients

Excellence: Integrate professionalism, high standard of work, efficiency and ethics

Team Work: Engage team members to bring their talents together and work hand-in hand to create better results at a faster pace to satisfy client needs and increase efficiency

Transparency: Communicate openly, honestly and respect other’s competencies and differences.

Focus on Deliverables: aim at delivering the products as per the request of our client on time

ABH provides its services to governmental, local and international non-governmental organizations engaged in the support and implementation of facility as well as community level health and health related programs in Ethiopia. Through its collaboration with Jimma University, ABH serves individuals and organizations through its graduate programs. ABH has plans to expand its services to other African countries in the near future.

To be a lead and dynamic private corporation that provides state-of-the-art technical and logistics services in health and social science related trainings, research, project and programs interventions in Africa.

To contribute to the control and prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases and improved social lives in Ethiopia and Africa through provision of high quality, efficient and innovative technical and logistic services in trainings researches, project/program implementations in health and social science interventions in collaboration with national and international stakeholders.

ABH aims at delivering high quality, client centered and efficient technical and logistics services and contribute towards to the effort in solving major public health and social problems of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. To that end, ABH works closely with Ministry of Health, Regional Health Bureaus, and universities, national and international governmental and nongovernmental organizations that partner with country’s governments and implement health and health related projects and programs.