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Tesfaye Abebe Tegegn

Tesfaye Abebe Tegegn ( MA in Business Administration specialized in ISM)  is a financial management expert who have an experience of more than ten year in financial management areas in different field of business sectors especially in service sectors in Ethiopia.

During those periods he engaged himself in the following areas of expertise:

  1. Preparing financial reporting that includes business performance, activity and cost-benefit analysis reports.
  2. Planning and developing financial details to ensure businesses’ budgeting and forecasting.
  3. Follows up and implement the dynamic legal frameworks of the country which are directly related to the business baselines and make them to be part of the company financial manuals.
  4. Analyze market trends to maximize profits and find ways for expansion of business opportunities.
  5. Reviews the company’s financial report and develops ways for reducing costs.
  6. Monitors Company’s receivable and payable status in respect of the company liquidity range and controls cash flow status of the company
  7. Develops a strategy for undertaking proper tax issues, auditing and reporting to government offices.
  8. Supervise employees in everyday activities to go with the company’s business long-term goal.
  9. Helps to management team in making proper financial decisions.

Currently he is working with full potential as Finance manager at ABH PARTNERS P.L.C