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Dr. Mengistu Tafesse (MD, SC in Pediatrics & Child health, MPH)


Dr. Mengistu Tafesse (MD, SC in Pediatrics & Child health, MPH) serves as the Chief Operating Officer of ABH Partners Plc. He obtained his Doctorate Degree in Medicine and Specialty Certificate in Paediatrics and Child Health from Addis Ababa University and MPH from Jimma University. Dr. Mengistu was a full time staff of Armed Forces General Teaching Hospital and an Honorary Staff of Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, Addis Ababa University. In addition to the clinical work, he has served as instructor and supervisor of undergraduate and graduate medical students from Addis Ababa University and Defence University College.  After leaving the public sector in 2005, Dr. Mengistu had assumed the following responsibilities and positions in several non-governmental organizations: Pre-service Training Coordinator, AED- LINKAGES, leading the integration of Essential Nutrition Actions in pre-service curricula of selected seven public universities engaged in the training of health professionals in Ethiopia and introducing the International Code for Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes and Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative; PMTCT/Pediatrics Clinical Advisor and Director of Programs, Columbia University-ICAP Ethiopia,   leading the rollout of PMTCT and Pediatric and Adult HIV Care and ART in Hospitals in Oromia, Harrari, Somali regions and Dire Dawa City Administrtion and providing national technical assistance to American universities  partners supporting the rollout of Pediatric HIV Care and PMTCT in the rest of the country; Nutrition and HIV Specialist and Country Representative, AED – FANTA -II,  providing national technical support in the preparation of national training material and rollout of training on Clinical Nutrition Care for Children and Adults Living with HIV.


As Chief Operating Officer of ABH Partners PLC, Dr. Mengistu is fully engaged in organizing study teams, guiding the preparation of technical and financial proposals in response to RFPs released by national and international organizations; guiding and coordinating field data collection and monitoring and evaluation of program implementations; lead and co-lead various studies through research design, tool development, data analysis and report write up. He has also served as National Coordinator for UNICEF’s CMAM/IYCF-E project contracted to ABH and intended to improve the quality of the management of malnourished children in Ethiopia. Moreover, Dr. Mengistu is also actively involved in providing managerial support in the day to day activities of the organization.


Dr. Mengistu, in collaboration with other professionals in the field, has contributed in the rollout of the following national programs through guideline and training materials development, provision of TOT and trainings of health professional and program implementers: Nutrition Care for PLHIV, Infant feeding in the context of maternal HIV, PMTCT, Early Infant HIV Diagnosis using DNA PCR on Dried Blood Sample, Pediatric HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment, TB, TB/HIV, Infant and Young Child Feeding and Women’s Nutrition,  Management of SAM and MAM. In addition Dr. Mengistu has coordinated and contributed to 26 evaluations done by ABH and has 5 publications and 3 poster presentations.


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