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Summary of Experiences

ABH has more than ten years of experience of operational researches and other consultancy works, capacity building of federal and regional government in Ethiopia in the areas of emergency health planning, monitoring, mentoring, coordination, research and logistics and in areas of short term training, operational researches and other consultancy works.

Summary of Similar Experiences indicated below.

S.N Client,Contract No & Contact Information Project Title, Description

Dexis Consulting Group,1301 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 850

Washington, DC 20004

 Julie Klement

Project Director

Global Health Program Cycle Improvement Project

Mid-term evaluation of USAID supported Malaria Laboratory Diagnosis and Management (MLDM)  Program in Ethiopia August – November  2015

The overall objective of the study was to evaluate the MLDM activity on improved quality and of malaria and HIV diagnosis at the project sites.

 ABH was responsible for management of the data collection, starting from tool refinement, pretesting, recruitment of researchers and research assistants and training of data collectors and managing the field operation. ABH recruited researchers have collaborated to implement the evaluation and prepare program evaluation report..


PSI Ethiopia FPWatch Project

contract agreement number PSI/2015/039/RES

Contact Person;

Dr. Endale Workalemahu, COP


National Family Planning Commodity Outlet Survey  April – August 2015

This study aimed at identifying the type of outlets carrying contraceptives and delivering FP services, assess market readiness, price, and market share for each type of contraceptive method.

ABH was responsible for recruitment and training of 100 data collectors, provision of training, duplication and supply of training and field materials,  organizing and conducting piloting followed by field deployment of 85 interviewers, supervisors and regional coordinators in 12 teams in 937 kebele selected across 120 woredas in Amhara, Oromia, SNNP regions and Addis Ababa City Administration and has screened 8728 outlets and collected complete information from 2070 eligible family planning commodity outlets.


Mathematica Policy Research Inc

1100 1st Street, NE Washington DC 20002 -4221

Subcontract No 40189S04273

Baseline Study – MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program – Learning Partner January – March 2015

This was a cross sectional facility based quantitative data collection and ABH was responsible for management of the data collection starting from tool refinement, pretesting, recruitment and training of data collectors and field operation.


Heal TB Project


Mid-Term Evaluation – General Logistics Support

ABH was involved in recruiting and managing local consultants and providing logistics services during field data collection


Pact/ChildFund and fhi360/USAID


N- AID-663-A-11-00005


Gobena Seboka, Chief of Party –  Yekokeb Berhan program for HVC



skype: g.seboka;

phone: 251 116 616244

Mid-Term Evaluation:  Yekokeb Berhan Program for Highly Vulnerable Children in Ethiopia; Feb – July, 2014

This was a cross sectional qualitative and quantitative study conducted to determine the achievement and performance of the program at mid-term in Amhara, Oromia, Tigray, SNNP and Addis Ababa. Data were collected in 2142 households from 2138 caregivers and 2121 highly vulnerable children in addition to 20 FGDs and 34KII collected from. ABH was responsible in the design of the study, tool development, and operation of data collection, data analysis, report writing and dissemination.


WFP Ethiopia





Yohannes Desta

Tel: 251 115514433


Refugee Follow up Survey, 2014

This was a cross sectional quantitative survey complemented with qualitative methods conducted from end of March to beginning of April 2014 in refugees’ camps in five regions of Ethiopia namely Somali, Tigray, Afar, Benshangul Gumuz and Gambella. The country of origin of refugees included Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan.   The objective the survey was to assess the general food security status of refugee households; identify preferences and use of food assistance; determine the community asset score of host communities and compare key performance (Food Consumption Score and Coping Strategy Index) with findings of the baseline survey. ABH was involved in the design, implementation and report writing of the study.



Contract #- AID-663-15-0-14-00047/01

CONTACT: Yared Kebede Haile, MD, MPH
Senior Infectious Disease Advisor

E-mail: yhaile@usaid.gov 


HEAL TB Mid-term Evaluation, 2014

This was a mid-term performance evaluation aimed at providing an independent assessment of the overall performance of the project in order to determine achievement and challenges faced during implementation to improved management of the project during its remaining period. ABH was engaged on full logistics support and provision consultants team


Jhpiego Corporation

Contract # 14-TSC-066


Firew Ayalew  Desta

Mobile: +251 911 143640

Skype: Firew-Ayalew


Qualitative Study on Achievement of Core Competencies of Midwifery and Anaesthesia Students in Public Universities and Regional Health Science Colleges in Ethiopia February 2014

This study aimed to determine the perception of   instructors, clinical lab assistants, and preceptors of midwifery and anesthesia programs on the adequacy of graduating students' learning experience with regard to core competencies. It assessed the current training environments (human resource, equipment and supplies, clinical labs and sites) with respect to their adequacy for the provision of effective training that enables students acquire the core clinical skills in their programs. ABH was involved in the design, tool development, data analysis and report writing


IMC – Ethiopia 



Biruk Kiflu

International Medical Corps

Monitoring and Evaluation Support officer

alternative e-mail bkaau_1997@yahoo.com

Post Intervention Nutrition and Mortality Survey in Meyu Muluke Woreda East Hararghe Zone, Oromiya Region, March 2014

The main objective of this study was to assess the nutritional status of the population in Meyu woreda of East Hararghe Zone in order to proceed on phase out plan or propose further emergency nutrition intervention support. A cross sectional study design based on Probability Proportional to Size (PPS) and following a two stage cluster sampling with the SMART methodology was applied in the entire course of the assessment. ABH was fully involved in the design, implementation, and report writing of the study.


Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Institute of International Programs

Contract amount:




Dr. Agbessi Amouzou Assistant Scientist, JHU, IIP


Endline Household Survey for Mortality and Coverage of Child Health Interventions in Jimma and West Hararge zones, Oromia, Ethiopia. November 2012 –  July 2013


The aim of the survey was to provide endline data on coverage of child health interventions, nutritional status and child mortality as part of the independent evaluation of the ICCM program in Ethiopia from 28,000 households form two zones of Oromia.  The survey also included collection of coverage data on newborn care practices to be used as baseline for an upcoming neonatal program evaluation in the country.  ABH assigned its Technical Director as co-investigator and supported the study by recruiting, training and deploying of over 120 data collectors to handle the data collection, entry and analysis. The data were collected using tablet computers and where data were sent to the central database directly from the field by email. ABH provided an overall technical and logistic support to the study including data management and preliminary data analysis.



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