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Jimma University- ABH Campus Academic Program is an opportunity created through the affiliation of Jimma University and ABH Services. It offers residents of Addis Ababa and the surrounding area quality education from a recognized public institute. The College of Business and Economics is an established center for higher education in fields such as management, economics, finance, and banking. The expertise of the BECO in addition to the administrative support team at ABH Services creates an environment suited for graduate studies for the busy professional.

M.A. in Project Management & Finance

This program prepares students with an overall view of project management objectives, tools and measurements. It is ideal for students seeking to gain expert knowledge of the techniques and workings of successful project management and finance.

Graduates of this program pursue careers in managing the introduction of capital goods and applying the latest techniques to complex projects. Accordingly, graduates will hold positions such as Project Developer and Planner, Project Risk Analysts, Project Contact Administrators, Academician, and Consultants at private and public firms.

Students of MPMF are expected to possess the following competencies:

  •   Identify sound projects that will create value to the firms' or country's competitiveness
  •   Carryout project feasibility appraisal and evaluation for different mega projects
  •   Undertake risk analysis for various projects
  •   Understand project risks and determine their severity and potential impact on the transaction structure
  •   Manage projects within required time, quality, scope and cost constraints
  •   Lead project team members towards the attainment of quality deliverables
  •   Apply the principles of project management (PMBOK) while managing project
  •   Demonstrate high level of ethical standards in all business management and  practices



The rigorous program prepares MPMF students for successful futures in their chosen career path. Our purpose is to create individuals who are knowledgeable in the application and theory of project management and finance. In addition, our students will have understanding to create innovative solutions to the multifaceted problems faced today.





The Schedule is created to fit with the hectic schedule of a working professional. The Master’s in Project Management and Finance courses are offered in two specific timetables.

  •  Weekend classes 9:00 am to 5:00pm
  •  Evening classes 6:00 pm to 8:30pm