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Jimma University- ABH Campus Academic Program is an opportunity created through the affiliation of Jimma University and ABH Services. It offers residents of Addis Ababa and the surrounding area quality education from a recognized public institute. The College of Business and Economics is an established center for higher education in fields such as management, economics, finance, and banking. The expertise of the BECO in addition to the administrative support team at ABH Services creates an environment suited for graduate studies for the busy professional.



General MPH

Jimma University’s general MPH program is a two year initiative aimed at students and professionals from health related backgrounds with an interest in becoming part of a constantly evolving career that addresses the needs of communities and populations around the nation. A Master’s in Public Health (MPH) is offered to students with a BSc.

 In Public Health, Nursing, Environmental Health, Biology, Doctor of Dental Medicine, and first degree in other health related programs. The program is essential for those who want to pursue careers in the public sector, private sector, and education sector. Throughout the program our graduate students explore various aspects of the health sector in order to gain an integrated knowledge base. Our instructors come directly from Jimma University and follow the strict guideline and regulations established at the University. 

Since its beginning, the ABH campus has graduated two MPH batches. Our graduations are a distinguished affair that celebrates the effort put forth by our students and our pride in their achievement.

Students of MPH are expected to possess the following competencies:

Graduate Profile

  •  Exercise theoretical and practical application of basic and advanced public health courses
  •  Identify public health problems pertinent to the population
  •  Conduct epidemiological research on priority health problems and disseminate the findings to policy makers
  •  Communicate and Promote the effective use of epidemiologic data to guide public health practice and Policy
  •  Apply principles of good ethical/legal practice as they relate to study design and data collection, dissemination and use
  •  Create partnership with different stakeholders
  •  Practice effective leadership and resource management skills
  •  Address cross cutting issues like HIV/AIDs, gender issues and environment protection

The JU-ABH curriculum equips our graduate student with theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. The challenging curriculum is created to give graduates a competitive edge over other job applicants in an aggressive job market. Our aim is to have graduates who are adept at each aspect of a business transaction.




The Schedule is created to fit with the hectic schedule of a working professional. MSc. in Development Economics courses are offered in two specific timetables.

  •  Weekend classes 9:00 am to 5:00pm
  •  Evening classes 6:00 pm to 8:30pm