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Jimma University- ABH Campus Academic Program is an opportunity created through the affiliation of Jimma University and ABH Services. It offers residents of Addis Ababa and the surrounding area quality education from a recognized public institute. The College of Business and Economics is an established center for higher education in fields such as management, economics, finance, and banking. The expertise of the BECO in addition to the administrative support team at ABH Services creates an environment suited for graduate studies for the busy professional.

MSc. in Development Economics

The MSc. in Development Economics is a two- year graduate program for candidates with a first degree in fields such as Economics, Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, Natural Resources Economics, Environmental Economics, and Statistics or other study fields with four core economics courses (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, econometrics and Mathematics specific to their field such as Mathematics for Finance, Mathematics for Managers, etc.) with 3 credit hours and scored a minimum of C grade at undergraduate level.

 The program focuses on development of advanced analytical skills in Economics and research training. The program is intended to equip students to undertake independent research in Economics.

After a successful completion of the program, graduates are believed to be engaged in the following tasks:


  • Conduct scientific research and development activities 
  • Apply the lessons of economics for careers in business administration, finance, consultancy and economic policy formulation
  • Construct logical arguments, communicate arguments clearly in writing, appreciate, evaluate and respond to potentially conflicting interpretations of economic phenomena
  • Apply knowledge of quantitative methods and economic principles to solve the prevailing economic problems in the economy
  • Develop, appraise, monitor, and implement project plan related to economy



The MSc. in Development Economics provides advanced training in economic development policy analysis. The curriculum provides candidates with the opportunity to analyze theoretical and empirical economic development policy aspects both at micro and macro level.


The Schedule is created to fit with the hectic schedule of a working professional. MSc. in Development Economics courses are offered in two specific timetables.

  •  Weekend classes 9:00 am to 5:00pm
  •  Evening classes 6:00 pm to 8:30pm