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Jimma University- ABH Campus Academic Program is an opportunity created through the affiliation of Jimma University and ABH Services. It offers residents of Addis Ababa and the surrounding area quality education from a recognized public institute. The College of Business and Economics is an established center for higher education in fields such as management, economics, finance, and banking. The expertise of the BECO in addition to the administrative support team at ABH Services creates an environment suited for graduate studies for the busy professional.

Admission Requirement

The program is designed for midlevel managers working in agribusiness industries – firms, institutions, associations, and financial institutions with experience in the agricultural sector. In order to qualify for admission an applicant needs to have at least:

  • A Bachelor degree in any field of study from an accredited university
  • A minimum CGPA of 2.00 (or its equivalent if the grading scale was different than GPA) during graduation from the Bachelor degree program
  • 5 years relevant working experience in the agribusiness industry/sector and/or in financial institutions after obtaining the Bachelor degree (4 years for women that want to apply for a scholarship)
  • The applicant must pass satisfactorily the entrance exam prepared by the Department of Management and score a minimum of 50% for competition
  • Admission to the program is on competitive bases and will be based on the cumulative average score of the entrance exam, CGPA at Bachelor degree, and service year/work experiences.
  • The Program will be offered during the weekends.

The university reserves up to 5 scholarships (per cohort) for competent women candidates. A maximum of 35 students will be admitted per cohort.



Upon satisfactory completion of the program, each student will be granted an Executive MBA degree from Jimma University. In addition, an international diploma will be issued by AGRIMBA, the International Network for the MBA Agribusiness and Commerce. AGRIMBA is a standing committee of ICA, the Association for European Life Science Universities.



Admission Procedure

Application for the EMBA in Agribusiness will be held yearly May through July. To begin the admission process candidates fill out the application form (available on Jimma University and ABH Services website). Along with the completed application form candidates need to bring the following documents

  • Valid evidence of previous work experience
  • Motivation Letter
  • 2 Letters of references
  • Official transcript of Bachelor degree qualification, indicating all courses and research work completed for graduation
  • document of financial guarantee showing that sufficient funds are available for tuition and other training expenses

Once all the appropriate documentation is available the candidate will seat of an entrance examination.

Note- Non-Ethiopian applicants whose English is a second language and the media of instruction in higher education, may be required to submit English proficiency certificate from the University they have graduated. All applicants whose English is a second language, but the media of instruction of university education is other than English language, may be required to present a recent TOEFL score above 350.




The course content of the EMBA is prepared in close cooperation by teachers of Jimma University, Maastricht School of Management and Wageningen University. International teachers are co-delivering part of the classes or are available online.