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About ABH


Founded in 2007, ABH Services PLC (also called ABH Partners by trade name) is a leading consultancy and human resources sourcing management firm in Ethiopia with over eleven years of experience in supporting the implementation of development programs and projects. ABH exists to fuel synergistic societal growth by harnessing local knowledge and international standard. Dedicated to the betterment of societal development, technical assistance and knowledge management, ABH has gained credibility and industry experience in the development sector in general and the public health sphere of Ethiopia in particular. ABH focuses on knowledge management as the enabler and cross-cutting theme across its four major service lines or core competencies: Consultancy, Survey Management, Training and Implementation of projects and programs.


Based on a request from UNICEF, our Client, ABH would like to recruit a competent Vaccine Management Officer (6 Months with the possibility of Extension)


Job ID: ABH-008-VMO-19


Type of Contract :- Consultant Contract , Individual Contractor

Title:-  Vaccine management officer 


1.Background and Justification

Although the last indigenous case of WPV was confirmed in December 2001, the country had WPV importations between in 2004, 2008, and 2013. In 2013, WPV1 case was confirmed in August 2013, as part of the Horn of Africa polio outbreak which began in Somalia. Ten WPV cases were confirmed in 2013 and 2014, all from Dollo Zone (Somali Region). Based on the declared HoA cVDPV2 outbreak, in 2018, Ethiopia implemented outbreak response activities as part of the HoA wide response. 5 zones in Somali region have been identified and more than 516,000 U5 children were targeted with mOPV vaccines for 2 rounds in July and August. In May and July 2019, 2 cases of cVDPV type-2 have been confirmed in Somali region of Ethiopia; one vaccination campaign has been implemented using mOPV targeting all U5 years children in 2 zones of Somali region. Additional 2 rounds of mOPV vaccination campaigns were implemented targeting all U5 children (620,743) in 5 zones of Somali region in August and September.


 In November 2019, one case of vaccine-derived Polio virus type 2(VDPV2) detected in Seraro woreda of Arsi zone- Oromia region. Investigation team was formed and conducted epidemiological and social investigation of the case; Among the stools collected from the 20 contact cases during the investigation in Seraro woreda, VDPV2 were detected from three cases and the samples were transported to South Africa/CDC for sequencing test to inform the response interventions. Global Polio Eradication initiative (GPEI) deployed an incident manager to provide technical and coordination support. UNICEF started the joint planning exercise with WHO for the expected vaccination campaigns if the sequencing result confirms the outbreak.


UNICEF, as one of the main partners in the GPEI, is taking the lead in 2 pillars of the polio program; communication and OPV vaccines provision. Other contribution from UNICEF include technical support, monitoring and coordination.


The objective of this consultancy is to ensure that vaccine management is sufficiently and properly managed prior, during and after the vaccination rounds including proper retrieval and destruction process of mOPV. This outbreak response requires the use of mOPV2 vaccine, a practice thus reintroduces live attenuated type 2 poliovirus into populations and the environment and poses a risk of emergence of a new VDPV2. To mitigate the risk of emergence of VDPV2, the strict adherence to the vaccine management protocols must be enforced and the absence of mOPV2 must be validated, confirming that mOPV2 is not left in the cold chain, health facilities and community after the response.


Given the wide geographical scope of response, urgency of the campaign and risk of emergence of a new VDPV2 the local capacity to handling these tasks is limited. Thus, additional skilled workforce   with local knowledge is required to mentor the existing human resource, coordinate and support the operation, retrieval and proper disposal/distraction of the mOPV2 vials.   

Facilitation of this recruitment through UNICEF, as GPEI member, is ensuring and confirming that UNICEF is committed to this partnership and to its mandate and responsibilities


2. Purpose

To provide technical support to Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency (EPSA), Regional Health Bureaus, zonal and district health offices on planning and response to vaccine derived Polio virus outbreaks with focus on vaccine management which is consistent with the latest SOPs for outbreak responses.


3. Specific Tasks

  1. The consultant will work closely with national and regional Emergency operation center (EOC), the Cold Chain and Vaccine Management -technical working group, EPSA hub manager and regional health bureaus and authorities of the national immunization Programme to accomplish the following: Develop/review the outbreak response SIAs supply and logistics plan.
  2. Establish cold chain functionality and failure report tracking method and coordinate the maintenance activities.
  3. Develop/review the distribution plan, route, transport and organize the distribution of the mOPV2 outbreak response supply and logistics.
  4. Provide training to SIA facilitators at regional and sub regional levels on mOPV2 vaccine management
  5. Support Woreda health offices in the management of mOPV2 during the SIA including reverse logistics with accountability for each and every mOPV2 vial received.
  6. Supervise use of mOPV2 by vaccination teams during outbreak response SIA and participate in region/ district command post daily coordination meetings and report daily performance to central outbreak response team/command post/
  7. Organize reverse logistics for used and unused mOPV2 vials
  8. Support the organization of the destruction and disposal of used mOPV2 at the end of each round of SIA and the destruction of used and unused mOPV2 at the end of the last round of SIA.
  9. Work with Cold Chain and Vaccine Management team at the hub level and document and report on all vaccine and logistics management and retrieval and destruction of used and unused mOPV2 delivered for the SIAs

4. Expected Deliverables and Time frame




Monthly performance progress reports Monthly

Logistic and vaccine management plan for each SIAs

For each SIAs

Vaccine utilization reports

After each SIAs.

mOPV retrieval report after each SIAs

After each SIAs.

Analysis of vaccine management indicators Polio

After each SIAs.



5.  Reporting

The consultant will be directly recruited by ABH Partners PLC and will report to the ECO EPI officer at ECO


6. Payment Modality and Schedule     

The fees for this contract shall paid on monthly basis based on the submission of monthly reports against the deliverables indicated above.


7. Expected background and Experience

The consultant must meet the following criteria

  • University degree in one or more of the disciplines relevant to the area of the expertise – Supply Chain and logistics, Biomedical engineering, Public Health. Training in Cold Chain & vaccine Management will be an asset. A Diploma in combination with qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the university degree.
  • At least 2 to 3 years of professional work experience at national and decentralized levels in outbreaks response, routine immunization, public health and other relevant programs.
  • Demonstrated experience providing technical assistance to governments on the implementation of outbreak responses (polio) and for routine immunization activities.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing vaccine and reverse logistics for mOPV2 released for outbreak responses
  • Emergency experience is an asset.
  • Familiarity with the UN system and Polio Eradication efforts is desired
  • Willingness to immediately take up the assignment.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Fluency of English language both speaking and written is a requirement. Fluency and Working knowledge of local language will be an asset.
  • The consultant will not be provided lodging and/or meals.
  • The consultant will work from FMOH.
  • The consultant should provide his/her own materials, i.e. computer,
  • The consultant will use rented car, when needed (provide by ABH)
  • The consultant will be paid monthly upon completion of deliverables as indicated above on monthly basis through ABH.


8. Policy both parties should be aware of:

  • ABH will manage all the administrative issues and aspects based on HR’ policies and procedures.
  • All remuneration must be within the contract agreement through the ABH
  • Travel will be facilitated and managed by the ABH in agreement with UNICEF.


How to Apply

Qualified and interested applicants who fulfill the above requirements can submit their CV along with application letter through the ethiojobs portal or email to jobs@abhpartners.com   by stating the position you are applying on the subject email.

Those who prefer to apply in person may submit CV along with supporting documents to our head office located on Bole road, Behind DH Geda Tower. For more information, please call at +251 11618 65 20

Deadline for submission of application December 11, 2019


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