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Founded in 2007, ABH Services PLC (also called ABH Partners by trade name) is a leading consultancy and human resources sourcing management firm in Ethiopia with over eleven years of experience in supporting the implementation of development programs and projects. ABH exists to fuel synergistic societal growth by harnessing local knowledge and international standard. Dedicated to the betterment of societal development, technical assistance and knowledge management, ABH has gained credibility and industry experience in the development sector in general and the public health sphere of Ethiopia in particular. ABH focuses on knowledge management as the enabler and cross-cutting theme across its four major service lines or core competencies: Consultancy, Survey Management, Training and Implementation of projects and programs.



Job ID: ABH-007-NQSR-19


PositionNational Quality strategy reviewers (to be hired through ABH)


1. Purpose

This position is required to produce a review report on the status of implementation of the Ethiopian National Health Care Quality Strategy (NQS) (2016-2020) which will also serve as a reference document for the development of next five-year strategy. 



Following the launch of HSTP in 2016, National Quality Strategy (NQS) was developed to materialize the objective of consistently improving the outcomes of clinical care, patient safety, and patient centeredness, while increasing access and equity to all segments of the Ethiopian population by 2020.  As such, the NQS specified five priority areas and four strategic focus areas of health. The five priority health areas include: maternal, neonatal, and child health, specifically reducing maternal and neonatal mortality; malnutrition, especially the prevention and management of severe acute malnutrition; communicable diseases, particularly malaria, HIV, and TB; chronic diseases prevention and management, particularly diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mental health, and chronic respiratory diseases and clinical and surgical services, particularly regarding timeliness of service provision. The four strategic focus areas include: developing an integrated approach to planning; improving and controlling quality; activating key constituencies; driving improvement in quality by explicitly linking to Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and supporting strong data systems with feedback loops as the “backbone” of all improvement efforts. 

FMOH through coordination of efforts from various stakeholders has been investing its resources in implementation of the strategic plan. This includes establishing quality structures at every tier of the health system, developing of a number of guiding documents, conducting workshops aimed at cultivating the culture of quality, supporting implementation of quality projects at facility level (including “learning facilities”), and mentoring and coaching of health care professionals on quality.

Four years into implementation of this strategy, FMOH believes that it is worth conducting a review of the status of implementation in order to draw important lessons from the opportunities and challenges encountered and document best practices.   This will give a great opportunity of capturing evidence to inform the development of the next National Heath Care Quality Strategy (2021-2025). The concept of quality has rapidly evolved at the global level following the major three global reports (HQSS, OECD/WHO and the NASEM released in the year 2018. Thus, this is the right time for an assessment amidst new evidence and growing interest in quality from both national and global perspectives, thus maximizing utility for the development of the new strategic plan.



FMOH quality directorate wants to carry out an assessment of National Health Care Quality Strategy (2016-2020) to determine the extent to which it has achieved its desired strategic objectives and generate information and learning to inform the formulation of the 2021-2025 strategic plan.



  • To measure the performance against the commitment and strategic interventions stated in the National Health Care Quality Strategy (2016-2020), analyze outcomes and results, and conduct a gap analysis.
  • To assess the strengths and weaknesses of the quality structures, processes and systems that could have affected (or contributed to) achievement of the strategic objectives, identify reasons for the deviations in approaches & strategies so they may be used in formulation of the new strategy.
  • To draw key lessons learnt, best practices and high impact success story or stories of change for replication and scaling up.
  • To assess the extent to which the Quality Structure at federal, regional, zonal, and facility level has demonstrated accountability in the implementation of the strategic plan and recommend areas of improvement.
  • To collate emerging global quality concept, perspectives, and opportunities that are relevant in the development of the new strategic plan.


The owner of the research is FMOH. The users of the finding from the review of the national health care quality strategy includes but not limited to: the policy makers, health care program planners, health care providers at all levels, and development partner. Above all, the report will be used as a key input the development of the National Health Care Quality Strategy 2021- 2015.



  • The evaluation will involve both qualitative and quantitative methods to address the research questions.
  • The Consultant/s will perform desk review of the national and Global document and collect relevant information for possible recommendation on the national 
  • Conduct field visits to regions and facilities for data collection.
  • Review the existing National Health Care Quality Strategy, national and global publications, and other relevant documents as per the direction given by the TWG and HSQD   
  • Convene with small group under Quality TWG members regularly (twice a month) or more frequently as deemed necessary to seek guidance and reflect on progress
  • Collect relevant Information from key informants through interviews, group discussions, meetings and other communications
  • Present draft work to stakeholders periodically and organize and synthesize relevant inputs
  • Present the draft Report to the TWG for joint-review and finalization


The consultant will propose appropriate methodology given the context and the timeline. The Consultant/s will perform desk review and data collection including field visit to regions. The evaluation will involve both qualitative and quantitative methods to address the research questions.

Data Collection:

Data will mainly be collected from key informants, discussions and observations nationally and in the field.  This will involve a wide participation of all relevant stakeholders including FMOH, RHB, Zonal Health Department, Woreda Health office, Hospitals, Health Canters, and development partners. In addition, desk review will be employed to analyse and triangulate relevant documents and reports, including secondary data and statistics. 

Basic Documents for Desk Review include at least the following

  • National Health Care Quality Strategy 2016-2020
  • Health sector Transformation in Quality: A Guide to transform the quality of Health care in Ethiopia, 2016
  • Ethiopian Hospital Services Transformational Guideline, 2016
  • Mid Term Review Report of Ethiopia Health Sector Transformation plan, 2018.
  • Assessment Report on the Ethiopia Health Care Quality Strategy, 2017.
  • National Maternal and Newborn Quality of Care Roadmap (2017/18-2019/20)
  • Crossing the Global Chasm: Improving Health Care World Wide, NASEM,  2018
  • High Quality Health System in Sustainable Development Era, The Lancet Global Health Commission, 2018
  • Delivering High Quality Health Services: A global Imperative for universal Health Coverage, WHO/World Bank/ OECD, 2018.
  • Mini Demographic Health Survey, Ethiopian, 2019




  • 1st instalment (20%) upon presentation of a 1-month activity report with a preliminary finding of the analysis.
  • 2nd instalment (20%) upon presentation of a 2-month activity report and the submission of analysis which includes findings from filed visit
  • 3rd instalment (60%) upon presentation of the findings to the health section, submission of the final report in hard and electronic copies
  • All payments will be effected upon receipt of confirmation of submission of deliverables by FMOH



  • The review process should address the following Main Question but not limited:

Question 1: What are the key results of the 5-year implementation of National Health Care Quality Strategy? The assessment will collect information and data on the initial results that can plausibly be associated with the objectives of the National Health Care Quality Strategy for the period, 2016-2020, and mechanisms to implement it.

1.1 Did the ‘three commitments’ made in the national quality strategy happened within the specified time? The review will assess the implementation of the commitments and to what extent these materialized.

1.2 To what extent have the four strategic focus areas and the interventions proposed in NQS implemented? The assessment will review the extent of implementation of interventions under each strategic focus area and document success/major achievements, challenges and opportunities to move forward.

1.3 To what extent the priority health areas in the NQS addressed? The review will assess the attention given to each health priority health area for quality; whether these priorities shared with relevant program owners; and proposed mechanisms to collaborate with revenant stakeholders.  

Question 2: What were the factors that affected the implementation and results of the National Health Care Quality Strategy?  

Question 3: What are the current evolving concepts of health care quality from the international perspective?  The review will assess the global quality concept and compare with the national approaches, interventions and strategies. This will guide the recommendations of new approach and amendment of the existing one in new Quality strategy to be developed 

Clear recommendations should also be articulated to guide FMOH and partners in development of the new five-year strategic plan for Heath Care quality improvement   addressing key gaps and challenges by including evolving global quality concepts.

The consultants are expected to timely deliver the following. 

  • Inception report and tools
  • Draft assessment report


The consultants will report to the Health Service Quality Directorate Director



Education, experience and other requirements:

  • Background qualification in clinical medicine with specialty in public health 
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience working in the Ethiopian health care system
  • A practical experience working in evaluation of strategy and policy documents 
  • Practical experience on production of guidelines, tools, policy and strategic documents
  • In-depth understanding of Qualitative and Qualitative research
  • Practical experience in the area of Health Care Quality
  • Experience working as a consultant and research works 
  • Has Practical experience on Quality Planning, Improvement and Assurance/Control
  • Excellent report writing and communication skill
  • Strong analytical and organizational skill
  • Good interpersonal skill
  • Proven Experience in leading and supervising research team    
  • Proven Experience of leading large-scale studies
  • Familiar with the national health care quality strategy

Language requirement: Fluency in English is required.  Knowledge of the local language is an asset.

Nationality:    Candidates should be NATIONALS of Ethiopia.


13. General Conditions: Procedures and Logistics

  • The consultants will be hired by UNICEF through ABH consulting firm.
  • The consultants will work for the MoH
  • The consultants will use their own materials such as computer, e-video and etc.
  • FMOH will provide transportation for field travels
  • Payment out of Addis is covered by FMOH


How to Apply

Qualified and interested applicants who fulfill the above requirements can submit their CV along with application letter through the ethiojobs portal or email to jobs@abhpartners.com   by stating the position you are applying on the subject email. Those who prefer to apply in person may submit CV along with supporting documents to our head office located on Bole road, Behind DH Geda Tower.  


For more information, please call at +251 11618 65 20


Deadline for submission of application November 10, 2019



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