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About ABH

Founded in 2007, ABH Partners PLC is a leading consultancy and human resources sourcing management firm in Ethiopia with over eleven years of experience in supporting the implementation of development programs and projects. ABH exists to fuel synergistic societal growth by harnessing local knowledge and international standard. Dedicated to the betterment of societal development, technical assistance and knowledge management, ABH has gained credibility and industry experience in the development sector in general and the public health sphere of Ethiopia in particular. ABH focuses on knowledge management as the enabler and cross-cutting theme across its four major service lines or core competencies: Consultancy, Survey Management, Training and Implementation of projects and programs.




Job ID: ABH-004-DMO-19




The coverage of immunization is an important indicator to monitor the progress of the U5MR. Vaccine-preventable diseases (VPD) have been among the major causes of preventable childhood morbidity and mortality. order to further expand access to vaccination services, the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) and lower-level structures of the health sector, in partnership with non-government partners, have been implementing several initiatives, including Supplemental Immunization Activities (SIAs), Reaching Every District (RED), Reaching Every  child /community (REC) - approach and Periodic intensification of Routine Immunization (PIRI ), with a focus on zones with large numbers of unimmunized children and pastoralist areas.

The establishment standardized and customized District Health Information Software (DHIS2) is viewed as a system strength and the EPI data is reported from regional to Federal levels.  However, numerous assessments, review meetings, and routine supervisions exercises have remarked on the poor quality of immunization data collection and compilation, and the virtual absence of data analysis for action at all levels. Data triangulation, data analysis, and feedback provision are not regular and as expected as one goes down in the system.


The progress and impacts of immunization service delivery strategies should be continuously monitored and frequently analyzed to ensure proper remedy, document and demonstrate results, best practices and challenges. This requires dedicated full-time technical assistance to enable collation, analysis, and use of locally generated data and information for immunization and other related health services for prioritizing, planning budgeting, and building capacities of health and immunization managers to analyze and use data for action.



This Data Management Officer is needed to overcome the gap in the immunization unit of FMOH in terms of capacity to regularly collect immunization data from various sources and line departments and analyze to help monitor program performance. There is a large data generated in the field, and available from various sources as well, but regular use needs dedicated support to build an information system that helps and improves collection, collation, analysis, and quality of data for informed decision. There is also a need for coordination with different line directorates and partners for data and capacity building of staff in the ministry and regions on the use of data.


Specific Tasks, the Data Management Officer:

  • Under the guidance of Immunization specialist, cluster Lead, and section chief, the Officer will ensure that National immunization program monitoring, information analysis are implemented timely. Activities include:
  • Prepare a plan for development of a database and design a system for regular compilation, collation and analysis and quality control of immunization data specific to the needs of the immunization programme. Coordinate and liaison with other line departments like PPD (for DHIS2), EPHI for VPD surveillance data, EPSA (for immunization supply chain data for consumption), and partners to facilitate triangulation and use of data for monitoring the program performance and planning interventions.
  • Work closely with the focal point for DHIS2 in PPD to understand their systems and transfer of data.
  • Actively coordinate and conduct the capacity building of the EPI team at the central level and in the regions and Immunization Technical Assistants and other health information technicians on data capturing, management, quality assurance tools and techniques, various analysis tools and techniques.
  • Periodic analysis and presentation of fact sheets using GIS mapping and info graphs, on immunization and related updates using different data sources using standard indicators and the template.
  • Review, triangulate and update survey reports, service reports, facts sheets, publications and update the database. Data will need to be reported periodically to EPI manager and Partners
  • Produce quarterly/biannual factsheet/bulletin on immunization status using DHIS2
  • Analyze annual coverage and state of geographic and inequality of immunization
  • Promote and organize bottleneck analysis, lot quality assurance (LQAs) and small-scale service verification surveys and data quality assurance, 
  • Support immunization related information to be captured in e-CHIS



The Data Management Officer will be recruited by UNICEF through the HR firm, a health section and will be posted at FMOH.

Contract Duration- The Data Management Officer will be recruited for 364 days


Expected Deliverables

  • Coordination with PPD, EPHI, EPSA and partners is carried out to collect data from all sources in timely manner.
  • Immunization database and tools developed for triangulation of data from various sources, performance monitoring, analysis and action.
  • Periodic immunization performance monitoring reports and publications (analytic reports, infographics)
  • key immunization information incorporated in e-CHIS in the electronic immunization monitoring platform design for programme management
  • Capacity of immunization officers/Health officers and regional and zonal technical assistants built on bottleneck analysis, data quality assurance, conduction of periodic small-scale verification surveys.
  • Involve and provide technical assistance in JA report preparation, HIS TWG, JRF, immunization review monitoring and evaluation
  • Mapping of immunization services, status, by coverage, type of services/supports linking with all other newborn health interventions at all levels in the primary health care unit.


Expected background and Experience

Education Requirements:  A University Degree in public health/nutrition health information management systems, statistics, public health research, epidemiology and biostatistics, or other health related sciences is required.

Work Experience: A Minimum of 2 years’ experience at the regional/national level is required in managing large data systems in Public Health programs. Previous Working knowledge of Immunization related HMIS and demonstrated experience in the health systems, technical and programmatic aspects of community-based maternal, newborn and child health, health information and other health programs is required. Experience in HMIS/DHIS particularly C-HIS, knowledge of the Ethiopian health system. Experience in health/nutrition program/project development in the UN system agency or organization is an asset.

Language requirement: Fluency in English is required.  Knowledge of another official UN language or a local language is an asset.

Nationality:    Candidates should be a NATIONAL of Ethiopia.


General Conditions: Procedures and Logistics

  • The Data Management Officer will work in the EPI team of FMOH and will be located at FMOH


How to Apply

Qualified and interested applicants who fulfill the above requirements can submit their CV along with application letter through the ethiojobs portal or email to  jobs@abhpartners.com BY STATING THE POSITION YOU ARE APPLYING ON THE SUBJECT EMAIL. Those who prefer to apply in person may submit CV along with supporting documents to our head office located at Bole Road, Behind DH Geda Tower.  


Deadline: Oct 23, 2019


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