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Who We Are

Founded in 2007, ABH Partners Plc (formerly known as ABH Services Plc) is a leading consultancy and operations management firm. ABH exists to fuel synergistic societal growth by harnessing local knowledge and international standard. Dedicated to the betterment of public health services, technical assistance and data, ABH has gained credibility and industry experience in development work.

ABH focuses on knowledge (generation, evaluation and dissemination) as the enabler and cross-cutting theme across its four service lines or core competencies: Consultancy, Survey, Training and Implementation.

  • ABH’s consultancy pillar consists of a growing and diversified portfolio of service offerings including technical assistance, program design, and research project design, monitoring & evaluation services among others to enable impactful societal changes.
  • Its Survey service pillar is unique and aims to generate locally relevant knowledge through survey instrument design and program management excellence that leverages on ABH’s extensive technical and programmatic experience based on an extensive understanding of the local context and logistics support that reach across all 9 regions of Ethiopia
  • The Training pillar creates a new generation of professionals with a will to change and impact society. ABH offers an increasingly wide range of short-term training programs including training material development but also the administration of long-term academic programs including Undergraduate and Graduate academic programs affiliated with Jimma University in Ethiopia.
  • The Implementation pillar emphasizes the importance of ABH’s core competency on operational management and excellence and includes services such as program/project management and administrative services.

ABH believes in active engagement for the transformation of society by leveraging the skills and resources the institution has to drive innovative thinking. ABH considers itself to have a responsibility to play a leading role in driving Ethiopia’s and other nations’ societal growth and development and in embracing a spirit of collaboration across all its platforms. Engaged in the synergetic exchange of insight and knowledge, ABH reaffirms its commitment to the untapped potential of the African continent and its people.


Capacitate, enhance, improve and expand

We Provide local knowledge at global standards to enable impactful societal change




ABH augments the expertise of the permanent staff with an extensive network of experts in various disciplines. In house, ABH has a committed and multidisciplinary team with expertise in public health, nutrition, reproductive health,environmental health plus other general social and economic thematic areas. Additional expertise and service offerings include administration, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, project management, finance, operations and related activities. ABH has a strong partnership with Jimma University, one of the most prestigious public universities in Ethiopia. The partnership enables synergetic cross-pollination to strengthen the academic programs, pool together diverse, highly skilled professionals and conduct ground- breaking research.

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